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What is ISF?

The Importer Security Filing (ISF), also known as 10+2, is a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation requiring importers and vessel carriers to provide data electronically to CBP for in-bound ocean shipments.

Failure to comply with the rule could ultimately result in monetary penalties, increased inspections and delay of cargo.  

More information can be found on, the official website of the Department of Homeland Security.

ISF penalties are up to $10,000 per shipment

Customs can assess liquidated damages up to $10,000.00 for violations such as failure to submit the ISF timely, accurately, or completely against the holder of the bond posted for the ISF or the importer of record.


Submit Power of Attorney

You will need to submit a completed Customs Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney allows Heizwerthy to transact customs business on your behalf. All US Customs brokers are mandated to have a valid Power of Attorney on file prior to transacting any customs business on behalf of the importer.  



Determine Bond Type

If you are importing merchandise into the U.S. for commercial purposes that are valued over $2,500, or a commodity subject to other federal agencies requirements (i.e. firearms or food), you must post a Customs bond to ensure that all duties, taxes and fees owed to the federal government will be paid.

You have the option of obtaining a “continuous bond”, “single entry” and/or an “ISF bond”. The type(s) of bond you elect to obtain ultimately depends on how often you import into the U.S.  For instance, if you only import on occasion, the single entry bond is recommended. If you import frequently (3 or more shipments annually) and through various ports of entry, the continuous bond is beneficial and economically the best choice.

A continuous bond covers all of your transactions INCLUDING ISF filings for a period of one year.   If you opt to obtain a single entry bond for your customs entry, you must also obtain an ISF bond to file your ISF each time you import a shipment.


Submit ISF Details

The items required on your ISF are provided below.  You may submit your own ISF form or download ours:

Importer Security Filing 10+2 Requirements

  • Manufacturer name/address
  • Seller name/address
  • Buyer name/address
  • ‘Ship to’ name/address
  • Container stuffing location
  • Consolidator
  • Importer of Record or FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) Applicant Identification Number
  • Consignee number
  • Country of Origin
  • Commodity Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) number
  • Master Bill of Lading (including SCAC)
  • AMS Bill of Lading (including SCAC)
  • ETD or Estimated Time of Departure

ISF Submission Form

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Submit Completed Forms
Acceptable file types are pdf, doc, and docx. The maximum acceptable file size is 1MB. Please convert your files to these extensions or compress larger files before submitting through this portal. Otherwise you may submit to us directly at

Additional Comments, Questions, or Concerns

You understand that by submitting this form you are providing Heizwerthy Customs & Freight Solutions permission to file the ISF on your behalf. You understand that Heizwerthy Customs & Freight Solutions will submit the details to customs as provided and assumes no liability for incorrect or late filings. You affirm you understand your responsibilities as an importer to ensure the timely and accurate filing of your ISF. You confirm that the information provided above is true and correct. All correspondence including billing details will be sent to the email address provided above.