We provide solutions to minimize shipment interruptions.

Our knowledgeable staff, along with the latest logistic automation tools, are able to provide shipment information every step of the way. Through continued education and professional memberships, we are able to stay abreast of the latest changes in regulations. With over a decade of experience, we still handle each shipment as if it were our last…from cradle to grave.

Our Solutions

Customs Brokerage

We offer all customs brokerage services needed to keep your freight moving. These services include:

  • Nationwide Customs Clearance (routine and non-routine)
  • Importer Security Filings (ISF)
  • Classification Assistance
  • Our software meets the ACE filing requirements.

If you are an agent or freight forwarder needing customs brokerage representation, we have solutions starting at *$55 per entry.   *Certain conditions apply.  

Bonds and Insurance

All import shipments must have an entry bond on file with customs. It is recommended if you import three or more shipments a year or import high value cargo, to apply for a continuous customs bond. A continuous customs bond is valid for one year. In addition to continuous bonds, we can also provide single entry bonds to cover a one-time shipment and ISF bonds. Our continuous bond rates are much lower than our competitors.

Accidents happen. The maximum reimbursement based on carrier’s liability may be limited to $500 per ocean container or $9.07 per lb. on an air shipment. Specific limitations are listed on your bill of lading. You should not depend on carrier’s liability alone.   We offer all risk coverage, door to door.

Delivery Scheduling

Heizwerthy Customs & Freight Solutions can arrange and manage the inland delivery of your import shipments. From clearance to delivery we can keep you posted all along the way.

Our relationships with local couriers, LTL carriers, and draymen can help cover even the most remote delivery areas. Our partnerships encompass airport transfers, airport pickups, and container freight station recoveries, nationwide.

Documentation Services

We provide full documentation service assistance including:

  • Legalization
  • Letter of Credit
  • Notary Services